falling snow

Thursday, November 12, 2015


Pausing to remember our dear girl, TC, the blackest cat in all the land.

I haven't tended to this blog since Spring. General busyness and responsibilities have occupied the greater part of my Summer and Autumn. I have peeked in on several of your blogs during this time, but haven't been able to comment since I was using a tablet. My hope is to return to blogging and visiting you on a regular basis in the next couple of weeks.

This is the first scrapbook layout I've completed for TC's book. Many more photos and ideas for pages are awaiting their time to be added. I'll plan to share them here as they're finished since I have shared so much of her story already (TC's Journey).

Hard to believe it's been a year today since I've cradled this sweet bundle of fur in my arms.

Still loving her so.

Still missing her so.

Blessed be your heart, dear TC. . .