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Attic Treasures

One of the reasons I began this blog, in addition to sharing card designs, was to document the everyday, the twinklings which make us who we are. Attic Treasures, so to speak. Words. Photographs. Those pieces of memory we fold and wrap in tissue, tie with a satin bow, and tuck neatly away in the antique attic chest. Bits and pieces of everyday gratitude, experiences, keepsakes. Moments we think we'll remember, but all too soon we forget. We don't mean to let them slip away, but they do. Until one day. A rainy day. A snowy day. A nostalgic day. We wander into the attic seeking our cherished friends, our treasured memories. We move a few boxes of this and that, wipe away some dust, and notice a line of paw prints from one edge of the chest to the other. TC, Spirit, or Abbey have been exploring on their own. We open the lid and before us lie the treasures of our lives. A spotted feather. A rock from Lake Superior. A crocheted cross. The tattered and very worn childhood quilt. And the cards, oh my, the cards! Firsts. And lasts. A veritable treasure trove of cherished times, recalled memories. The little big things. Without the attic, how can we recall these memories? Abbey and I invite you to share with us in our space, Abbey's Attic, the shelter, the holding place where our day to day experiences rest and dwell to one day be cherished again.

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