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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Welcome to the attic, friends

Abbey, the Attic's craftiest feline, and I are so pleased you've come to visit. We hope you'll enjoy a time of quiet and rest with perhaps a bit of inspiration in the posts to come. There are several comfy cozy nooks here in the Attic; and we hope one is just right for you!

Let's begin with a bit about the Attic. Truth be known, it isn't really an attic - just an extra bedroom on the second story of Dogwood Manor. From our craft desk, Abbey and I look out through the old maple tree beyond the pin oaks to the small wooded park below. And, it certainly isn't a manor, either. Just an ordinary house, in an ordinary neighborhood, on a quiet street sheltered by towering trees planted long ago. For all of the ordinary, it's inhabited by some extra-ordinary attic dwelling felines, including Abbey, my crafting pal. Sadly, we're not surrounded by dogwood trees, either. We had a dogwood tree for several years - a seedling my dad started. Note the operative word, "had." I miss that dear tree - it had grown to a sturdy six feet tall over twelve years and for a few years we adorned it with multi-color Christmas lights. So heartwarming to see its spot of light on the dark December nights. Hadn't thought much about our little tree until now... Perhaps we should plant another. One day, maybe. When we first purchased our home, dh (darling husband) decided it needed a name - we are truly dog lovers at heart (another story for another time), there is the woodland park behind our home, and everyone's home is indeed their little piece of a manor! Dogwood Manor was christened!

For everything Abbey's Attic isn't, it is our little bit of sanctuary. A haven where creative ideas become reality. A place where Abbey and I, along with the other felines, TC and Spirit,  escape for a bit of quiet and rest, a respite from the busyness that oftentimes becomes our life. It is here we gather and treasure the blessed bits of our day-to-day. We'll plan to share some of those treasures as we go along.

I have always loved creating and have tried several different avenues along the way. My latest interests involve cardmaking, scrapbooking, knitting, and crocheting. I create and Abbey edits. Dabbing her artsy paw in the glitter, tossing too many embellies onto the floor, guiding the yarn along its way, or adding an extra paw print here or there, she is quite an expressive part of the Attic team. And oh, the things she can do with anything ribbon... or string... or bling!

Abbey and I love visitors and we hope you'll come often. The kettle is always on, and M&M's are in abundant supply... in the Attic!

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  1. Oh, I am so happy to be in the attic at Dogwood manor! And to hear how your home received its name. You have made me feel very welcomed, indeed!! You write so beautifully!!!


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