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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

"Yes, Abbey Girl"

"Of course you may have your day on the blog."

I suppose since the blog is named after Abbey, she can be featured every now and then. I just wish her request had been a bit more subtle, with a lot less cat hair left behind. Super sticky lint rollers to the rescue! This is what I found after last week's photo session when I returned to clean up the aftermath from cardmaking and composing the blog post. I assume she was waiting patiently for her own photo session and wasn't any too happy about that card being in her way. After a few photos, and her exploring and playing in the tent (notice the felt liner partially disconnected in the tent), she did manage to turn the card around all on her own.

Such a sweet girl, our helper cat wants to be involved in everything we do.

Unfortunately, she tires easily from a photo session and can quickly go from "happy Abbey" to "crabby Abbey" in a flash!

Sunday was the Kitten Bowl and we looked forward to it just as much as last year. Abbey wasn't very interested though; she only watched it for a little while. Last year she watched the entire game! I had to wonder if perhaps she was more interested in the game time munchies than in the game itself. She's probably been observing me too closely!

I think I saw a bit of "kitty love" in her eyes when Joe Montuna appeared on screen! He was a pretty handsome kitty!

Actually, even though it was a snowy afternoon, one usually good for kitty naps, Abbey was more interested in playing with her brand new box from Costco. Around here, Costco boxes are the best toys around - forget all the cute sparklies in the toy box! A simple new box can entertain her for days!

We spent some time playing with her Christmas sparkle wand and she had great fun chasing it through the box and stalking it from behind. This Santa Cat decided it was a must have new toy since it was a part of the "Frozen" collection at the pet store. The movie itself is a "must see," filled with beautiful music and graphic effects. Highly recommend it! I don't usually purchase movies, but it is definitely one I am considering. I see it becoming one of the acclaimed Disney treasures for all time, the message so empowering and timeless.

Yesterday was another day of taking photos, and yes, I made the mistake of leaving the photo tent up once again. I've only recently started using it and I have found it does make a difference when I take the time to set it up. A good sunny day also helps! And so, we had another bit of a photo session and more sticky roller sheets to the rescue!

Just like everyone else, sticking her tongue out for the camera!

"Ah, no Abbey. Don't start getting too sleepy or too comfy. This is not your new kitty bed!" Although, her bed usually sits atop this cabinet, so I can understand why she might think the tent is hers. Poor kitty, every time I need to take photos, she is displaced.

It is a typical snowy, windy February Wednesday afternoon here in the Midwest as I finish this blog post. We've only had four snows this winter so far, so it has been a very enjoyable day especially since I didn't need to be out and about. Saturday it's supposed to be 70, and a week ago today it was 76! I fed the birds earlier and here are a couple of photos to share. 

Abbey and Spirit have spent the day tucked in warm and safe under their blankets; Abbey in front of her heat vent, and Spirit on the cat tower where she can nap and watch bird TV to her heart's content whenever she awakens.

Abbey has enjoyed her day on the blog. She is already looking forward to helping with a new post and a card soon. 

May your journeys be safe and your spirits be warm.


  1. OH, I loved spending time with Abbey! She seems to have claimed her territory. Our furry pets bring more fun and joy than any electronic could. I think it's safe to say Abbey and Spirit have a very good life, complete with warm blankets and heat vents.

    1. Yes Judy, Abbey and Spirit do have a very good life, and they make our lives very good too with all the joy and love they bring to our home!

  2. Abbey in the photo tent is just too cute for words - love it!!!

  3. Oh what wonderful pictures, Sally! Always love reading your posts!

  4. Sally, give Abbey a scratch for me. So good to see her appearance on your blog. She looks quite at home in that photo tent, I have to say. You should probably stock up on those lint rollers. Your cardinal is quite handsome, we have 3 pairs that claim our back yard as their feeding ground, one male is particularly red and beautiful. Hubs calls him pretty boy, I on the other hand have only named the particularly hardy squirrel-King Kong as he loves to swing from the tree to the top of the bird feeder to steal sunflower seeds. I love having the nature shows.

  5. Abbey looks so adorable in her new tent. What a perfect little cat hideaway that is. You have to love those girls!


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